Verity strives to create spaces that are contemporary and comfortable, oozing classic style with a unique edge...

About Verity Maud

Verity Maud, after a long and successful career as an art director in the eventing arena, has taken her ability to design for the most challenging of briefs and translated it into the world of interiors. Having created spaces for everything from opulent Indian palaces to ultra Afro chic lounges, glamorous celeb weddings to cutting edge car launches, her ability to tap into the requirements of the situation and the personality of the client has given her an unmistakable edge. Her work is both practical, functional and absolutely true to both the environment in which it sings and the needs and desires of the client.

Initially trained as a fashion designer, she brings and understanding of fabric and a love of glamour to her new passion. Verity loves to use texture, luxurious fabrics & clean lines which create a fresh contemporary style, which she manipulates to create either the relaxed elegance of a beach house, a sophisticated corporate environment or an exquisitely glamorous space.
Her scope stretches from luxury holiday homes in Llandudno, stylish hotels in Angola, coffee shops and upmarket nightclubs.
After decorating the VIP and protocol lounge at Lanseria Airport, she has made a name for herself creating airline lounges for the rich and famous in the rest of Africa.

Verity loves a challenge and is excited by the opportunity to explore new styles and make clients dreams a reality. She strives to create spaces that are contemporary, comfortable, oozing classic style with a unique edge, that while they remain timeless, are still fresh and exciting. Having travelled extensively, she draws inspiration from the richness of global culture. Her ability to interpret the personality of a client or the voice of a brand has ensured that her work delivers not only aesthetic beauty, but is an extension of the vision.

Verity is based in Johannesburg, but enjoys taking on projects worldwide.

Contact Info

Verity Maud
+27 82 873 4607